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Why does a man who is truly in love insist that this relationship must continue and be "lifelong"? Because life is pain and the enjoyment of love is an anesthetic. Who would want to wake up halfway through an operation?

CESARE PAVESE, This Business of Living, Jan. 19, 1938


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I measured love by the extent of my jealousy.

GRAHAM GREENE, The End of the Affair


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Immature love says: "I love you because I need you." Mature love says: "I need you because I love you."

ERICH FROMM, The Art of Loving


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We've got this gift of love, but love is like a precious plant.... You've got to keep watering it. You've got to really look after it and nurture it.

JOHN LENNON, ATV interview, Dec. 2, 1969


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All you need is love.

THE BEATLES, "All You Need Is Love", Magical Mystery Tour


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Of all fires
love is the only inexhaustible one.

PABLO NERUDA, O Magazine, Feb. 2007


Love is, above all else, the gift of oneself.

JEAN ANOUILH, L'homme et la mort dans l'histoire


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What we each fall in love with individually is, I believe, our moral, mental, and physical complement. Not our like, not our counterpart; quite the contrary; within healthy limits, our unlike and our opposite.

GRANT ALLEN, "Falling in Love", Falling in Love and Other Essays


It is difficult here to give definite examples, but everybody knows how, in the subtle psychology of Falling in Love, there are involved innumerable minor elements, physical and mental, which strike us exactly because of their absolute adaptation to form with ourselves an adequate union. Of course we do not definitely seek out and discover such qualities; instinct works far more intuitively than that; but we find at last, by subsequent observation, how true and how trustworthy were its immediate indications. That is to say, those men do so who were wise enough or fortunate enough to follow the earliest promptings of their own hearts, and not to be ashamed of that divinest and deepest of human intuitions, love at first sight.

GRANT ALLEN, "Falling in Love", Falling in Love and Other Essays


My love is a bird
Happily singing on my shoulder
Would you like to be the cage
A sweet cage forever?

JINSONG GUO, "R U Still There?", Love Poems N' Quotes by Dr. Guo


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O, wicked love ... that has so many unnamed components.

ANNE RICE, Beauty's Punishment


The prerequisite to loving others is to love yourself. If you don't have a healthy respect for who you are, and if you don't learn to accept yourself faults and all, you will never be able to properly love other people.

JOEL OSTEEN, Become a Better You


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Love, amid the other graces of this world, is like a cathedral tower, which begins at the earth and at the first is surrounded by the other parts of the structure. But at length, rising above buttresses, wall and arch, and parapet and pinnacle, it shoots, spire-like, many a foot right into the air, so high that the huge cross on its summit glows like a spark in the morning light, and shines like a star in the evening sky, when the rest of the pile is enveloped in darkness. So love here is surrounded by the other graces, and divides the honors with them; but they will have felt the wrap of night and of darkness, when it will shine, luminous, against the sky of eternity.



Love's witch'ry once ensnared my heart;
Oh! how enchanting all things seemed!
My cares, and troubles, left no smart,
Elysium, all the world I deemed;
But when the fond delusion passed,
I woke to anguish long to last!

C. B. LANGSTON, "Change"


True love is like a coin, changeless and pure,
Bright from the mint of virtuous affection,
Whose solid worth lies in its gold secure
Stamped with the soul's reflection;
Though Time may mar with rude and hasty hands
Its brilliancy and beauty,
Its gold unspoiled beneath the surface stands
Alloyed with common duty.

MARTHA LAVINIA HOFFMAN, "Love's Counterfeits"


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Love is blindness
I don't want to see
Won't you wrap the night
Around me
Oh my heart
Love is blindness

U2, "Love Is Blindness", Achtung Baby


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When love is reached through suffering ... it has a power it can never gain through innocence.

ANNE RICE, Memnoch the Devil


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Love needs its martyrs
Needs its sacrifices
They live for your beauty
And pay for their vices
Love will be the death of
My lonely soul brothers
But their spirits shall live on in
The hearts of all lovers

DEPECHE MODE, "The Love Thieves", Ultra


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All love is sweet,
Given or returned. Common as light is love,
And its familiar voice wearies not ever.
Like the wide heaven, the all-sustaining air,
It makes the reptile equal to the God;
They who inspire it most are fortunate,
As I am now; but those who feel it most
Are happier still.

PERCY BYSSHE SHELLEY, Prometheus Unbound


Among all methods by which love is brought into being, among all the agents which disseminate that blessed bane, there are few so efficacious as this gust of feverish agitation that sweeps over us from time to time. For then the die is cast, the person whose company we enjoy at that moment is the person we shall henceforward love. It is not even necessary for that person to have attracted us, up till then, more than or even as much as others. All that was needed was that our predilection should become exclusive. And that condition is fulfilled when -- in this moment of deprivation -- the quest is for the pleasures we enjoyed in his or her company is suddenly replaced by an anxious, torturing need, whose object is the person alone, an absurd, irrational need which the laws of this world make it impossible to satisfy and difficult to assuage -- the insensate, agonizing need to possess exclusively.



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