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Anger supplies arms.

VIRGIL, Aeneid

They can do all because they think they can.

VIRGIL, Aeneid

Angels boast ethereal vigor, and are formed from seeds of heavenly birth.

VIRGIL, attributed, Day's Collacon

In youth alone, unhappy mortals live;
But, ah! the mighty bliss is fugitive:
Discolour'd sickness, anxious labour, come,
And age, and death's inexorable doom.

VIRGIL, Georgics

That man is the most loyal who aims at the noblest motive, and that motive the public good.

VIRGIL, attributed, Day's Collacon

A chaplet of leaves crowns the victor.

VIRGIL, attributed, Day's Collacon

The eye is pleased with the beautiful varieties of nature.

VIRGIL, attributed, Day's Collacon

The trees are cloth'd with leaves, the fields with grass;
The blossoms blow; the birds on bushes sing;
And Nature has accomplish'd all the spring.

VIRGIL, Eclogues

[Rumor] has a hundred tongues, a hundred mouths, a voice of iron.

VIRGIL, Georgics

All of which misery I saw, part of which I was.

VIRGIL, Aeneid

Labor conquers all things.

VIRGIL, attributed, Day's Collacon

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