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All that stuff about my father and my childhood is interesting up to a certain point, but I kind of capsized with the family drama a long time ago. Now I want to get away from that. Not that I won't return to it, but a certain element has been exhausted, and it feels like why regurgitate all this stuff?

SAM SHEPARD, The Paris Review, spring 1997

People talk about the 1960s in a nostalgic way, but to me it was terrifying. People were getting assassinated. There was Vietnam. There were race riots. It felt like everything was going to get blown up sky-high. It didn’t feel like flower power. It felt like Armageddon.

SAM SHEPARD, Interview Magazine

I believe in my mask -- The man I made up is me
And I believe in my dance -- And my destiny.

SAM SHEPARD, The Tooth of Crime

My dad’s side of the family ... they’re a real bizarre bunch, going back to the original colonies. That side’s got a real tough strain of alcoholism. It goes back generations and generations, so that you can’t remember when there was a sober grandfather.

SAM SHEPARD, The Paris Review, spring 1997


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