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Reincarnation ... makes life what it is intended to be -- a glorious adventure in which victory is absolutely sure to be ours if we persist. It proves that man [is] ... master of his fate on his road to the stars.

SHAW DESMOND, Reincarnation for Everyman

The object of our sojourns on earth, as apart from the gaining of experience, is but one. The loosing of ourselves from the coil of reincarnation, which, over and over again, brings us back to earth as on a coiled spring, until, having learned the last lesson of matter, leaped the last barrier, we are freed for ever from earth.

SHAW DESMOND, Reincarnation for Everyman

Reincarnation is, indeed, the key which unlocks all doors, the universal "combination," before which our manacles fall from our limbs -- the life-line by which the crooked way is made straight.

SHAW DESMOND, Reincarnation for Everyman


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