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All of us have roles to play in helping to unify this party and unite in support of our nominee. But united does not mean unanimous, united means recognizing and respecting some realities. And it is a reality that delegates determine the winner. No matter the outcome tonight, Senator Obama will lead in the delegate count and should be named the nominee. Any other outcome would require un-pledged delegates, who have the power and authority to do so, to reverse the results of those who played by the established rules and worked hard in the primaries and caucuses. This would be unwarranted and could make the nomination worthless.

JAMES CLYBURN, speech, Jun. 3, 2008

I believe the time has come for all un-pledged delegates to make their choices known, and I believe our best choice against a George Bush third term is Senator Barack Obama.

JAMES CLYBURN, speech, Jun. 3, 2008


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