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People think of time travel as fiction ... And we tend to think it's not possible because we don't actually do it. But, mathematically, it is possible.

BEN TIPPETT, "Time Travel Is Mathematically Possible, Say Researchers", TechWorm, May 9, 2017


The grandfather paradox goes back to the '20s and '30s, and I think it was some kid writing a fan letter to one of the early pulp fiction science magazines who said, "Look, how do you solve this problem?" And now we have a million variations of the same paradox. You know, every time travel story -- at least time travel to the past, if you can change the past -- causes some paradox like it. You have to deal with it in some way. And so if you're a physicist or a logician, more to the point, you might say, "Well, that proves that time travel's impossible." But that hasn't stopped generations of filmmakers and fiction writers from creating stories where one way or another they get around the paradox.

JAMES GLEICK, "The Nation: Patrick Gower interviews James Gleick", Scoop, May 6, 2017


The theoretical underpinnings of time travel date back to 1905, when Albert Einstein wrote down his special theory of relativity that showed space and time are intimately linked, and to 1916, when Einstein's general theory of relativity showed that space and time are malleable -- that is, they respond to the presence of matter or energy by warping, bending, expanding, and contracting. By extension, this means if one can imagine space being filled with some exotic form of energy, then space and time could warp in a way so that time, as well as space, could bend back upon themselves like circles, allowing one to move forward in a straight line and still return to one's starting point in both space and time.

LAWRENCE M. KRAUSS, "What Einstein and Bill Gates Teach Us About Time Travel", NBC News, May 10, 2017