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The essential value of spectator sports lies in their capacity to illustrate, in a dramatic way, the process of human goal-achievement. They do this by making the process shorter, simpler, and more visually exciting than it is in daily life--and by giving us heroes to admire.

THOMAS A. BOWDEN, Santa Monica Daily Press, Feb. 5, 2007

In a world of life-and-death conflicts, spectator sports give us a "time-out" -- an opportunity to relax and celebrate human skill, dedication, and success in a spirit of simple joy.

THOMAS A. BOWDEN, Santa Monica Daily Press, Feb. 5, 2007

What the courts must grasp, if they are ever to resolve the battle over assisted suicide once and for all, is that there is no rational, secular basis upon which the government can properly prevent any individual from choosing to end his own life. When religious conservatives use secular laws to enforce their idea of God's will, they threaten the central principle on which America was founded.

THOMAS A. BOWDEN, Capitalism Magazine, Feb. 3, 2006


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