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Sarah Bernhardt (1844-1923)

French actress

A defective voice will always preclude an artist from achieving the complete development of his art, however intelligent he may be.... The voice is an instrument which the artist must learn to use with suppleness and sureness, as if it were a limb.

SARAH BERNHARDT, The Art of the Theatre

You must have this charm to reach the pinnacle. It is made of everything and of nothing, the striving will, the look, the walk, the proportions of the body, the sound of the voice, the ease of the gestures. It is not at all necessary to be handsome or to be pretty; all that is needful is charm.

SARAH BERNHARDT, The Art of the Theatre

Sarah Bernhardt - a biography.

Bernhardt Triumphs in New Role - A 1920 interview with world famous tragedienne Sarah Bernhardt, conducted on the occasion of her appearance in Racine's ATHALIE at the age of 78.


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